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    The Raptors have the respect of their former owner.

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    Green has shot 2-12 from behind the arc through the Lakers’ seeding games.

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    LeBron James and Anthony Davis know that the Lakers’ shooters will have to hit their shots for this team to be at their best. They’re confident that will happen.

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    The Raptors came ready to play, and the Lakers looked out of sorts in their first bubble loss.

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    Kyle Kuzma may have some lofty expectations to live up to in Orlando, but the young Lakers forward is in a perfect position to finally meet them.

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    At The Bar

    • At The Bar

    Los Angeles Sparks v Seattle Storm


    A huge first-half deficit was too much for L.A. to overcome.

    Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers

    Quinn Cook and Alex Caruso are confident playing point guard if the Lakers need them to

    It isn’t clear how much the Lakers will rely on Quinn Cook or Alex Caruso as traditional point guards in the bubble, but both are staying ready for if the team needs them.

    Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers

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    Some of the Lakers will wear messages in place of their name on their jerseys when the NBA resumes. Others will not.

    NBA Restart 2023 - All-Access

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    Bubble Blogs: How the Lakers are handling life in the NBA bubble

    The Lakers continue to have varying reactions to their experience in the NBA Bubble.

    Los Angeles Lakers v Los Angeles Clippers

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    Previously, on the Lake Show

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    Breaking down seeding schedule for Los Angeles Lakers

    We take a look at the road ahead for LeBron James, Anthony Davis and the Lakers when the NBA season starts up in Orlando.

    LA Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers

    Kyle Klamps: Breaking down Kuzma’s elite perimeter defense vs. the Clippers

    I studied the film and detailed key elements that highlight the defensive improvements Kyle Kuzma has made.

    NBA: NOV 10 Raptors at Lakers


    The Lakers could clinch the top seed in the Western conference as soon as today (possibly even before they play the Raptors).


    We're building great things, and we need your talent.


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    The NBA is back! Updating info on the Lakers’ schedule, free agency, draft and training camp dates

    Our updating coverage on the Lakers coming back to finish the 2023-20 season and chase their 17th banner.

    2023 NBA Restart - All Access Practice

    The Lakers are reportedly skipping shootarounds because LeBron and AD don’t want to do them, still ‘kick ass’ without them

    As reasons for skipping a practice session would go, this would seem to be a solid one.

    Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers

    Kyle Kuzma impressed the Lakers with his defense against the Clippers

    Kyle Kuzma may not be known for his defense, but he shined there for the Lakers on Thursday night, helping them pull out a win against the Clippers in their seeding round opener.

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    Podcast: Kyle Kuzma shines in the Lakers’ seeding game opener

    Kyle Kuzma’s defensive effort stood out against the Clippers.

    Connecticut Sun v Los Angeles Sparks

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    A balanced Sparks attack saw four players score in dougle figures.

    Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers


    An inspired fourth quarter, capped by a clutch shot from LeBron James, was enough for the Lakers to end the regular season series with the Clippers tied 2-2.

    You can now buy a Lakers face covering to combat coronavirus and contribute to charity

    The NBA and FOCO will support Feeding America and Second Harvest Canada by donating all NBA proceeds from the sale of licensed Lakers face coverings. The face coverings will ship no later than June 22.

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    SIM SZN: A simulation of the Lakers’ season on NBA 2K20

    As far as we know, the Lakers won’t be back for a little while, so we all have to settle for the next-best thing: NBA 2K20 simulations.

    The Silver Screen and Roll Lakers FanShop

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    Kristine Anigwe aims to bring the energy for the Sparks

    The second-year center is trying to use her youth to her advantage.

    2023 NBA Restart - All Access Practice

    The Lakers want to use seeding games to get even better

    As great as the Lakers were before the season was suspended, they’re hoping to improve in Orlando.

    Los Angeles Lakers fantasy, odds analysis

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    • LeBron James hits game-winner with 12.8 seconds left to give Lakers win over Clippers

    • Battle of L.A. in Orlando between Lakers-Clippers highlights opening night slate

    New Orleans Pelicans v Los Angeles Lakers

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    For Frank Vogel there is no question: Anthony Davis is the Defensive Player of the Year. For other voters, it appears Giannis Antetokounmpo is the choice.

    NBA: MAR 08 Lakers at Clippers

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    Washington Wizards v Los Angeles Lakers

    My Three Favorite Details: Scrimmages Edition

    I detail my three favorite moments from the Lakers' three scrimmages - one highlighting physical skills, one mental skills, and one a combination of both


    Podcast: 5 burning questions going into the NBA’s restart

    These are the five questions we hope are answered before the season ends.


    Bubble Blogs: Introducing Anthony Jabbar-Davis

    Plus more from inside the NBA bubble.

    Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks

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    数电影的人[百度云/磁力链]magnet免费分享 - 影像 - 愤怒 ...:2021-6-5 · 导演:卢元奇 主演: 类型:纪录片剧情 地区:台湾 语言:国语 上映:2021 片长:63 剧情介绍: 電影,一項百年前興起的新科技沒人料到紀錄它的材料,膠卷,會在這個時伋瀕臨絕種,被數位潮流給取伋膠卷,在溫度18-22度與溼度55度的環境下,尚能生存6、70年但,當它曝露在缺乏恆溫恆濕的環境 …

    We all know Anthony Davis is going to asked about his free agency a lot this year, no matter how the Lakers are doing. Here is a place to keep track of it all.


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    Everything we know about “Space Jam 2” so far

    Here is your page for every update on "Space Jam 2," starring LeBron James.

    Rob Lowe Sighting at LA Lakers Basketball Game in Los Angeles - June 1, 1988

    Rob Lowe pretended to be Rob Pelinka at a Lakers season ticket holder event

    That, or Rob Lowe and Rob Pelinka are just the same person.

    Today's NBA news

    • Bam Adebayo tabbed one of the most intriguing players in NBA restart

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    2023 NBA Restart - All Access Practice

    LeBron James explains how he’s getting back into playoff shape

    The Lakers and LeBron James will be equally mindful of the potential risks that come with ramping things up too quickly.


    Anthony Davis plans on playing vs. Clippers on Thursday

    AD could have a pair of goggles on next time he takes the court for the Lakers.



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      Kobe Bean
    • Lakers vs Clippers - Who's Better?
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      Buyout - Brewer
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